Mville Life

Eighty percent of our students live on campus. Twenty-five percent of our faculty members do as well. So here it’s not unusual to see your English professor out walking his dog, or your chemistry professor playing with her kids on the weekend. Living and sharing beyond the classroom – it makes for genuine relationships. It makes for a very comfortable home. Ours is a very active campus, where there’s something for everyone. From my myriad campus activities and student clubs to countless service and leadership opportunities, you’ll get involved at Manhattanville – here, everyone does.

The community at Manhattanville is small. You can walk across the Quad at any time of day and bump into several friends – unlike at a larger school.

80% of students live on campus
FREE weekend shuttles to Central Station
40+ clubs & organizations

Why Manhattanville?

Kelly Jo McCathy
Manorville, NY
Stephanie Camerone
New Haven, CT