The Best
of All Worlds

Beyond the safe and quiet of Manhattanville’s idyllic campus lies a world of immense opportunity. New York City. Westchester County. White Plains. Stamford. Greenwich. It is a mecca of real-world learning, internships, employment opportunities, cultural activities, entertainment and more. Tranquil and exhilarating – it is the best of all worlds. And there’s nothing like sharing perspectives with students from China, Vietnam, Ecuador, Israel, Zimbabwe and Sweden. Ours is a vibrant international community. It makes the world more interesting. It makes it more real.

“Manhattanville offers the best of all worlds: a picturesque campus just minutes from New York City, small classes, and close relationships with students and faculty from all over the globe.”

30 minutes from New York City
7 daily shuttles from campus & beyond
100 acres in Purchase, NY

Why Manhattanville?

Marco Biasetti
Yonkers, NY
Mark Zanoni
Alberta, Canada