Valiant Way

There’s a way about Mville. We call it the Valiant Way. To be a Valiant is to be bold, to step out, to become your very best. Here, on one of America’s most picturesque campuses (we have our own castle!), in one of the nation’s most opportunity-filled areas (New York City is just 30 minutes away) , on one of the most global campuses anywhere (54 countries are represented here!), Manhattanville students are finding their Way. They are challenging their minds. They are engaging in the world. Discover the Valiant in you.

“Manhattanville is small enough to be personal, supportive and friendly, but big enough and located at the heart of things so as to make possible just about anything someone would like to do.”

1,700 undergrads
54+ countries represented
50+ programs of study

Why Manhattanville?

Vida Vargas
Puerto Rico
Kelly Jo McCathy
Manorville, NY
Sienna Achong
Honolulu, HI